Tight calves/calf cramps anyone?

I used to get tight calves often as a goalie – which is not fun to deal with when pucks are flying at your head!
Because of where they are, calf issues can lead to knee, ankle and foot problems as well.

Here is a great strategy for helping you to deal with tight calves and getting rid of any knots you may have.

Enjoy! 😈

 – John

P.S. To avoid my name becoming a new curse word, please:
1️⃣ apply light pressure in the beginning (i.e. just your leg)
2️⃣ start with a foam roller first (not a lacrosse ball)
3️⃣ avoid this strategy if your calf cramp is accompanied by redness or swelling (this could be a sign of something more serious – talk to your MD)

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