Are you finding that you have tight chest muscles?

This is very common with people who do lots of computer work and tons of driving – your shoulders come forward as you reach for the keyboard or steering wheel, causing your ‘pec’ muscles to shorten and feel tight.

Overtime, this can lead to shoulder and even upper back issues if you don’t address it soon enough!

The best thing to do is avoid this posture as much as possible by sitting closer to your keyboard or steering wheel, and sitting with your back straight.

However, if its already creating tight chest muscles, try this mobility trick to loosen them up!

Don’t forget:

1️⃣ Do it several times per spot, applying deeper pressure to tolerance.
2️⃣ Do it several times throughout the length of the muscle.
3️⃣ Do it on both sides, and not just the symptomatic side.

Let me know how it goes!

– John

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