Do you suffer from Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow? Do you find your hands are getting weaker or that your forearms are super tight? Try this!
If you find yourself doing a lot of repetitive movements with your hands like typing, carrying your kids, washing dishes or prepping food, you may notice these muscles getting tighter or achy as time passes.
Because your forearm muscles are some of the big movers of your fingers and hands, this can also lead to your hands feeling weaker. And, since many of them attach to the inside and outside of your elbows, chronic strain at the attachment point can lead to ‘tennis’ or ‘golfer’s’ elbow.
Using a lacrosse ball to roll out your forearm muscles, knead any knots and pin and stretch them out can have a big impact on how these muscles function and feel.

1️⃣️Find a tender spot or knot.
2️⃣️️️Try each of the different strategies to loosen it up.
3️⃣Continue until you feel the area change/loosen.
4️⃣Move on to the next area.

Let me know how it goes!💬


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