Are you suffering from low back pain? What about knee pain? Tight thighs or quadriceps? This could help!

Your quadricep muscles are in the front of your thigh and some parts run from the front of your hips down to your knees.
As a result, if they are too tight or knotted up, they can either:
1️⃣pull your hips forward putting extra pressure on your low back
2️⃣cause your hamstrings to shut off, jeopardizing your ability to support proper movement and stability of your low back, hips and knees
3️⃣create uneven pull on your knees leading to joint dysfunction and pain.
Why do they get tight?
Sitting all day
Not engaging in proper recovery post workout

While there are many great strategies to address this issue – here is one method that can be great post-workout and for starting to help loosen these big muscles.

Let me know how it goes!💬


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