We are so excited to finally share our new name and look! 

Why now? 

It’s been just over a year since I took over Hands on Healing and what a year it has been. Less than two months into owning the practice, we had to shut down regular operations due to COVID-19. 

Thankfully, there was a silver lining. 

During that time, I was able to reimagine and then bring to life an office space that provided my team and my practice members a warm and bright place to come to receive care. With the help of my wife and two boys during lockdown, we renovated and refreshed the office in two months leaving me feeling reinvigorated and excited to reopen in June. 

But I didn’t want to stop there. I had an even bigger vision for the practice. 

With so many changes happening in the world and in our community, I hit pause to focus on helping more practice members than ever in our first month back to work. The pandemic had taken a toll physically and mentally on so many – losing valuable progress towards their health goals. 

While hard at work, I noticed a shift in mindset as a result of the pandemic – there was a pull towards making the most of the life we have NOW. I have heard from so many people in our community about this change in consciousness. People have been wanting to reclaim some of the more meaningful connections and aspects of their lives that they’ve lost over time. People don’t want to just survive or get through it anymore…they want to THRIVE!

NOW seemed like the perfect time to bring my vision for the practice to life. 

Why the change?

Hands on Healing has always been relevant to what we do but I’ve always seen chiropractic as so much more than that – to me, it’s a proactive tool to enhance health and support an environment where your body can thrive and adapt more easily to life’s challenges. We are here to help you live your BEST LIFE. 

Our new name, THRIVE CHIROPRACTIC & WELLNESS GROUP, incorporates that vision we have for our practice members and also reflects the diverse skill set of our team in that process. 

I look forward to growing our team to better support our community in health and wellness under this new name and hope you’ll come to love it and live it as well! 


Yours in health & wellness,


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