At THRIVE CHIROPRACTIC & WELLNESS GROUP (formerly Hands on Healing Centre) we honour your decisions and goals. We customize your care. And we work to get you results as quickly as possible.

We believe that your body is designed to be healthy. Every day your body does its best to create an optimal state of health.  But sometimes it needs a little help.

To see if we can help you, we have established a 3-step discovery process including:

Step 1: Consultation

A complimentary consultation. This is an in depth review of your health history which gives us insight into the challenges your body has experienced or continues to experience to this day.

Because this step lays the foundation for us moving forward, we also gain clarity on your goals and objectives you hope to achieve along the way.

This step will help us determine if an examination is warranted.

Step 2: Examination

If an examination is warranted, and you would like to proceed, this is where we dive deeper into your current state of health. We use objective tests to determine how well your body is functioning.

  • Detailed Posture analysis
  • Range of Motion Analysis
  • Balance Assessment
  • Advanced Palpation Examination
  • + Any additional relevant functional or structural tests (i.e. orthopedic tests or xrays) necessary

If there are challenges in your body’s ability to function, our testing procedure will help us not only shed light on them, but also gain clarity on what’s really going on.

Step 3: Detailed Report of Findings/Customization

Because our discovery process is so thorough, we set aside additional time to review and analyze your results in detail. The report of findings is where we will sit down with you and give you context behind the testing procedures we use.

If a core problem is uncovered with your spine and nervous system, we will provide you with our best recommendations, customized to help you achieve your health goals.

Book Your Complimentary Consultation Now!

We all know that the longer a problem exists, the more damaging it can be. You have likely already experienced this if your symptoms have gotten worse and you have had to stop doing some things that you need, want or love to do!

And, unfortunately, the more damage that is done, the longer it will take to correct the underlying issue and restore your health back to optimal.

The transformations we have seen people make in their lives are truly inspiring.

Whether it was being able to play with their children or grandchildren; being more productive at work; returning to their favourite sport or exercise, or simply just being more comfortable and pain free doing simple activities like going shopping, checking out the Handmade Harvest Craft Show or attending Light Up The Night – thousands of practice members have been able to see their health goals come to life, and truly live again.

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