Issues with cranial bones, also known as cranial faults, can cause many symptoms ranging from headaches to backaches or any malfunction of the body. The most common cause of these faults is difficulty in the birth process. The skull of the newborn baby is very pliable. The use of forceps on the soft skull during the birth experience can be traumatic and may cause cranial faults.

Most severe cases of cranial faults develop before the age of seven. However, people develop cranial faults later in life from traumatic accidents, i.e. motor vehicle accidents or concussions.

TMJ (temorporo-mandubular joint) dysfunction can lead to headaches and pain and clicking in the jaw. Cranial adjustments can often be an effective technique for treating conditions of the jaw.

Emotional trauma is also a known cause of cranial faults and should not be overlooked. Severe emotional stress causes the body to adopt a defensive torqueing position in which the spine and skull receive as much punishment as if they had undergone physical trauma.

Continuing research will discover more about cranial faults.

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