There are many different types of chiropractors out there.  So if you were to ask your closest friends what a chiropractor does, you will likely get a mixture of blank stares and uncertain answers.

As neuro-structural chiropractors, our focus is on your spine and nervous system.

This is because your brain and spinal cord are responsible for controlling how your body works, heals and fixes of every single part of your entire body.  It does this by sending messages from your brain, through your spinal cord and out to your body, and then back again – telling it what to do and how to do it.

This is referred to as your ‘brain-body connection’.

Your spine is like a garden hose in that it is a hollow tube which allows your spinal cord and its life giving messages to pass thorough it, while also providing you with flexibility and stability so that you can safely do your normal daily activities like playing on the play structure with your kids, being productive at work, making your house a home etc.

How does this affect you?

If there is a shift in the position of your spine away from normal it can irritate your spinal cord and interfere with your brain-body connection – affecting how well your body works, heals and fixes itself.

This is referred to as a ‘core’ problem.

We believe that you were designed with the potential to express amazing health – think tons of energy, minimal sickness, not being held back by health challenges.

But we also believe that it is impossible to express your best level of health if you have a core problem with your spine and nervous system.

By using gentle and specific techniques to help restore proper brain-body connection and spinal mobility, we have helped countless practice members overcome various health challenges and get back to doing what they love most in life – LIVING!

At Almonte’s THRIVE CHIROPRACTIC & WELLNESS GROUP, we are here for you:

We will honour YOUR GOALS, CUSTOMIZE your care, and work to get you RESULTS as quickly as possible.

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